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At the outset let me say that I am a dermatologist living in USA. Now I live in California with my husband who is also a doctor.I am of indian origin. I am 37 year old and not into mid life crisis though. . Hope it does not happen. But the age has taken a severe toll on my skin thanks to my education and work. Little unsightly for a dermatologist to have unsightly age signs on face.I just thought I would open up this blog to tell about my MARY KAY INDIA . How wonderful it is and my sincere gratitude to Marykay.

How much I was obsessed with my look. My medicinal academics has laid a lot of strain on me and my age. But you dont get all those wonderful potions in India like you get in the western countries. I did not look around too. . I happened to stump on this MARYKay site which had a lovely range of cosmetics. I had tried a few skincare earlier though . but never were satisfied and me being a derma I had to really handpick the products with great care. Surpringly In India you dont get all those good products. Some of those tacky once which seemed to work had all had this retinol and AHA. The adverse effect of retinol is makes your sense hyper sensitive. Makes your skin thin. Reacts more to photorays. Unfortunately people dont realize it. I checked few other brands and not really happy.

But Mary kay was introduced to me by one of my friends. I was initially reluctant as I did not have much time to check all these as I was doing my post doc. But upon her insistence I tried. I first looked at the ingredients. I was happy . No harsh chemicals . I started with the timewise the serum as I had a few lines . Well I could see some improvement. Then I followed it up with the whole range. It was really working wonders and my colleagues noticed the difference too. I used the whitening range called MELACEP concomittantly as I had dullness all over my face at times. I gather this is a great and safe range. I feel that I should write about it to show my gratitude. I am happy that we get quality skincare in India. I should thank Mary kay personally . And making a skincare like Melacep for Indian skin is indeed commendable.

I shall write more about it . This is their company site. Just have a look at those lovely products.

I shall write more.....